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Aromatherapy is an ages-old therapy originating out of herbalism. The word 'Aromatherapy' is a relatively new word for a very ancient form of treatment using essential oils which have been extracted from aromatic plants for the promotion and maintenance of physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Essential oils move through the body with great ease - in a way that no other known substance can.

An aromatherapy treatment as with reflexology aims to be holistic treating the mind, body and soul as one whole unit and so targets the cause rather than suppressing the symptoms (as so many modern medicines do).

Essential Oils are a great way to restore balance, ease anxiety and boost the immune system.

I tailor make a fresh blend to suit the individual needs of my clients and use on the feet only at the end of both a reflexology and facial treatment, I use it throughout the Ayurvedic foot massage treatment. I am fully qualified and insured to use 13 common essential oils. I use only the best quality, organic oils - including carrier oil which is why I charge extra for aromatherapy. The oil left over at the end of the treatment is yours to take home.

Please note the use of Essential Oils is not recommended during pregnancy as it is thought the oil can penetrate the placenta. Therefore if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant I will not be able to offer you aromatherapy as part of your treatment plan (sorry).