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Reflexology for the immune system

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 6:54 AM
Give your immune system a boost with Reflexology

The immune system is crucial to our wellbeing, it is responsible for protecting the body from external influences that are harmful to the body and facilitating the smooth flow of the interstitial fluids.  It is the first line of defense for viruses, diseases and illnesses.  The immune system identifies bacteria and pathogen cells and eliminates them, it also is responsible for removing waste matter.

When our immune system is under pressure the smooth flow of fluids in our body can be effected and often get blocked, this can lead to a weakness in our immune system.  Reflexology can address these blockages and ensure the free flowing of fluids and energies.

Another reason our immune system may be weakened is the presence of toxins.  In the world today we are constantly exposed to toxins whether they be in food, drink or pollution and it’s not always the obvious culprits such as alcohol and cigarettes but things we assume are safe or good for us are also loaded with toxins such as tap water, organic produce from overseas and anti-bacterial sprays.  It is almost impossible to avoid toxins completely but by having regular reflexology you can at least help your body eliminate them.

Additionally, there is a great deal of evidence that indicates stress adversely effects the immune system.  When we are stressed the body prepares itself for what is referred to as ‘fight or flight mode’.  In this state the organs and systems that are considered to be non essential, such as our skin, digestive, reproductive and of course, immune system are starved of oxygen and nutrients.  Reflexology is a great way to de-stress, lower blood pressure and ensure that oxygen and nutrients are distributed around the body evenly.

Give your immune system a boost and book some Reflexology today!

Categories: Holistic Therapy, Immune System, Reflexology

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Reply reflexology courses london
8:05 AM on April 4, 2015 
I read your blog . you have discussed very well about reflexology. and i love your discussion on this matter. Keep doing this kind of work. Thanks.