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Will Reflexology Help Me?

Posted on April 14, 2015 at 6:01 AM Comments comments (1)
One thing I am asked in my working capacity as a Reflexologist over and over again,  is whether reflexology will cure a problem or a condition.  It could be trying to conceive for a baby, or relieving pain, boosting a lowered immune system, going into labour, improving sex drive or energy levels, even losing weight (NB: there are claims that reflexology may help with all these).

The answer is always the same: 'it might help'.  There are unfortunately no guarantees.  You see, Reflexology is a very individual treatment which effects people in different ways, as every person is different so is the individual response.  There are hundred's of people that claim reflexology has helped them in one way or another but there is no clinical certainty.  One thing for sure is reflexology will almost always do good.  It will almost certainly lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, improve circulation and help flush out toxins.  You may find you have a better night's sleep after a session or just feel more relaxed. Both these reactions however, should not be underestimated since 'a good night's sleep' or simply 'being relaxed' are times when our bodies do the most good, it is when our inner healing is most likely to be engaged.  It's when our non essential systems, such as digestive, skin and reproductive, receive more oxygen and nutrients, it's when our mind and body are most likely to be at peace.  Reflexology helps the body to restore balance naturally.  Our bodies are designed to deal with most things naturally, it's just that modern life prevents this from happening.  

With reflexology you haven't really got anything to lose, only the potential to gain.  The best way to find out if Reflexology will help is simply to try it.

Holistic Therapy - Luxury or Necessity

Posted on October 29, 2014 at 7:59 AM Comments comments (2)
An old Indian yoga teacher once told me that in order to remain healthy I must get up half an hour before the rest of my family to do my yoga breathing. Anyone with kids will understand why I laughed in his face. 'why do you laugh?', he asked genuinely puzzled, 'I've got kids', I retorted, he paused and smiled knowingly ‘Even more reason to take time to do this’, he answered gently, his kind eyes sparkling as those of a man in his twenties (he was almost 70), ‘if you are not fit and well’, he continued, ‘how can you care for your family? What would happen if you became ill?’.
Up until that point I'd always viewed doing things for myself as indulgent and self-centred. Yoga, massage, reflexology or even just time with friends, were all treats as opposed to necessities. Even now, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit to going for a treatment when asked what I’ve got planned for the day but should I be? Our bodies are incredibly complex, with today’s pressures it’s not a wonder they become out of balance and it’s when they're out of balance things tend to go wrong. The traditional Western approach to health is so backward. We wait for something to go wrong then we deal with it, generally by going to our local GP, who in turn prescribes some medicine. The Eastern approach on the other hand, is all about prevention and recognises that physical illnesses are often the symptoms of a greater imbalance that may or may not have a root cause in the physical.  By viewing ourselves holistically (i.e. as a whole; mind, body and soul), sickness can be kept to a minimum and disease may be prevented (or if genetic, at the very least may be delayed). It is now said that 70% of all GP visits and 85% of serious illnesses are triggered by stress*. That's a huge figure. So many of us are running on adrenaline which, whilst it gets us through the day, puts immense pressure on our bodies and for some, frankly is a time bomb waiting to go off.  For most of us life is unbelievably busy and finding time to do something that isn’t thought of as essential is impossible.  Maybe an hour a day is unrealistic - there is no way I am voluntarily getting out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5am (our 2 are generally up from about 5.30am). However, I aim for yoga once a week and reflexology or a massage once a month and keep an eye on my diet. I feel I have balance in my life and what's more I don't feel guilty about it. I tell myself it’s crucial to my family's wellbeing (as are the bottle of wine at the weekend obviously!!). Holistic treatments are not only a great way of maintaining homeostasis (i.e. keeping our bodies in balance), they massively relax us which in turn allows us to engage our inner healing. Of course there is a place for Western medicine too but perhaps if we focused more on prevention we wouldn't need nearly as much of it. My yoga teacher was right if we are ill we are no good to anyone!

*UK HSE stress statistics

Fertility Reflexology - to help you get pregnant

Posted on October 23, 2014 at 7:11 AM Comments comments (0)
For many couples it is an emotional and physical roller coaster to achieve a viable pregnancy.  The trend for couples starting a family later in life, often in the their 30’s or 40’s, coupled with day to day pressures, not forgetting environmental factors such as pollution and pesticides, has seen a huge increase in fertility problems.  In many social groups there is still an assumption that the cause of infertility lies with the woman – despite the fact that 4 out of 10 cases of infertility is on the male side.  Even those who fell pregnant easily with their first (or second) can often experience difficulty with an additional pregnancy and wonder why it’s not happening, this is known as Sub Fertility. 

We are learning every day about the impact stress can have on our bodies and it is never more apparent than when it comes to conception. The physical and arguably, the emotional environment needs to be just so in order for conception to occur, that’s where Reflexology can play a part.  Reflexology is a great way of fine tuning our incredibly complex bodies.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests Reflexology can help couples conceive, especially those who have unexplained infertility (i.e. when a specific medical cause cannot be identified). In addition, a recent study by The Association of Reflexologists has shown that on average about 50% of clients seeking help through reflexology for fertility issues find themselves pregnant within 6 months of treatments.  Although there is no guarantee Reflexology will enable couples to conceive, unlike fertility drugs or IVF it has zero negative side effects.  At the very least it can induce deep relaxation, which is essential for our wellbeing. However, stress is only part of the problem.  Over the last decade so many factors, dietary, medical, occupation, environment, lifestyle, have been linked to infertility and whilst not every single thing is relevant to every single individual it is important to consider the overall picture.  That’s why with my treatments I offer a more holistic approach, by understanding the whole picture there is a greater chance of identifying the problem.